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When it comes to setting the mood for your event, the right type of lighting can make a powerful statement. Dimmer soft lighting is often seen as romantic, making it ideal for weddings, whereas bright colored lasers are associated with high-energy party time.

The type of lighting we would use for your event is completely up to you and your style. We have a wide range of lighting option that will bring your event to life, including lasers, LED up lighting, spot lights, moving lights, spots and washes. We also have Leko lighting which is also known as texture lighting. This type of event lighting can project logos to customize your party.

When planning a special event, people often start thinking of ways to make their party stand out. A popular way to achieve this is with laser lighting. Many of our customers in Orlando choose our laser lighting for the “wow” factor it radiates. Having laser lights on your next big event is the perfect way to project fun and excitement.

Our laser shows in Orlando bring high-energy entertainment to many events across the city including high-end weddings, proms, homecoming, corporate events and more. With our quality multi-color laser lighting, your guests are sure to enjoy the impressive, eye catching production that will take your event to another level! Although we are located in Orlando and the major city of our clients are in the Orlando area, we service many other cities throughout Florida with all types of laser lighting needs.

Sound & Lighting

LED up lighting is another popular event lighting option amongst couples in Orlando. Besides for being energy efficient, LED up lighting is a simple yet effective way to give your wedding venue a sophisticated and elegant look. This lighting option transforms the ambiance into a unique atmosphere with an up-scale feel. Our LED up lighting services has given couples all over Orlando their dream wedding.

Although LED up lighting is most requested by couples, this type of lighting is by no means limited to weddings. If you are in Orlando planning your next big event and want to give it some “pizazz,” Electro Magic can assist you with all of your special lighting needs. As the name implies, spotlights are used to focus on a particular spot. This type of event lighting is often requested by our Orlando customers for a grand entrance at a wedding/party or on stage for concerts and other performances. However, spotlights don’t have to focus only on people.

They are also used to light up many other focal points at events such as the cake table, center pieces and wishing trees at weddings. Some special events use moving lights which is generally project throughout the party instead of on a focal point as with the spotlights. Some spotlights do move, but it does so while focusing on a particular area. Moving lights are sure to grab your guest’s attention.

Many of our customers in Orlando ask to display an image for instance on a wall, ceiling or the dance floor. To achieve this we use leko lighting, which can project an image or logo on any desired surface. This is popular with couples to display their names and date of the wedding. Many schools also request this effect for proms and homecoming. This is an easy way to leave your mark on your special event and impress your guests. When planning your next big event, don’t let yourself get stressed out. Electro Magic is a full service production company in Orlando here to provide you with everything you need to make your event an unforgettable success.

Sound & Lighting