5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Wedding Dance

5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Wedding Dance

5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Wedding Dance

One of the most confusing parts of planning the wedding reception for many couples is the wedding dance. After the obvious questions of special dances, like the couple’s first dance and the father/daughter dance are answered, many couples struggle to decide how to get everyone involved in dancing. Here are some tips that you may want to follow to plan the perfect wedding dance.

Hire DJs

While many couples think about hiring a band, hiring DJs in Orlando is a great solution because they are professionals at hyping up crowds and getting everyone involved. Make sure to consider the DJs from Electro-Magic Productions as they have many different choices, so it is easy to find one that is perfect for your upscale wedding. They can read the crowd playing just the right song to keep enthusiasm levels extraordinarily high. They know how to be polite and along with their special events crew can make sure that everyone has a great time.

Pick the Right Size Dance Floor

The next choice that you will need to make is the right size dance floor. While you will need to consider those invited to your wedding reception, a general rule of thumb is to have room on the dance floor for about 66 percent of your guest list at any one time because some people will be socializing, and others will be getting another drink. If you plan too big a dance floor, then you lose some energy while if your dance floor is too small, people will not want to participate because of lack of room.

Position the DJs

The best place to position your DJs in Orlando is as close as possible to the dance floor. This allows them to see what is going on and keep the crowd engaged. It’s the same principle that you use when you attend a concert. Seats in the front row demand a higher price because everyone thinks they are the best. Give your dancers the best entertainment at your wedding venue by positioning the DJs close to the dance floor.

Choose the Right Music

While you may love polka music or big bass music as a couple, if no one knows how to waltz or polka, your guests will be reluctant to join in the dancing fun. While you should incorporate some songs that you really like for your special songs, count on the DJs to play the music that people attending your wedding will know how to dance with and more people will join the fun.

While you have many choices in Orlando DJs, you will want to deal with Electro-Magic Productions. Contact them as early as possible to arrange your wedding dance. You and everyone in attendance will have a great time jiving to the beat of the tunes played by these DJs.