Make Your Next Event Inclusive

Make Your Next Event Inclusive

Make Your Next Event Inclusive

Inclusion is a buzzword that you hear thrown around in many different circles. If you are an event planner, however, you must make your event as inclusive as possible. Following some simple steps can help you succeed.

Consult Your Demographic

Too many event planners work with blinders on, so they do what they think is best for their organization. Instead, right from the beginning, encourage those you want attending your event to share their ideas. Ask them about previous meetings, conferences, and events that they have visited and what they hated. Then, do your best job at staying away from those ideas, even if it means a little extra work for your committee. You may be surprised that some of your target demographic is also willing to serve on organizing committees where they help to pull off a great event.

Implement Diversity and Inclusion Training

Everyone who will be representing your organization during the event should have mandatory diversity and inclusion training. These courses cover a wide variety of topics, including generational diversity, cross-cultural awareness, unconscious bias, avoiding stereotypes, ethics, and respect. If your organization does not already have one, now is a great time to develop a code of conduct that everyone promises to obey. If you are accepting proposals for your event, make sure to find ways to connect with underrepresented populations,

Provide Accommodations

You need to provide a vast array of accommodations for your event. Never host an event that is not wheelchair accessible, including offering family restrooms and extra-wide aisles. When you send out invitations to your event, include a checklist of possible accommodations that attendees may need. Make it the responsibility of someone on your committee to check out these details before signing final contracts and again a day or two before the event.

Plan Connectivity and Inclusion Activities

While many events have time for questions and answers, you should eliminate these from your agenda. Instead, offer connectivity and inclusion periods. Divide attendees into small groups and assign a topic. Then, let each group talk about the issue. When the time is up, call everyone back together. Let everyone report on what their group decided about the assigned topic. Hosting these breakout groups is a great way to help people build strong networks that they will feel great about after your event is over.

Market Appropriately

Take a sharp look at your marketing materials to make sure that everyone feels included. Remember that a picture says a thousand words, so choose images that represent all the different demographics in your target audience.

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