Event Support in Orlando

Event Support in Orlando

Event Support in Orlando

Event Support has different meanings to different people as event support teams cover a lot of aspects of an event. Event support provides everything needed for an event to be a success or people who carter for a particular aspect of an event.

An Event Support Team can cover either of or all of (depending on how big the even support is) the following aspect of an event:

Technical Services

Technical support refers to assistance provided by a technical team to cover an event. Looking for a Technical Event Support in Orlando? Electro Magic Production is right for you for services in Consulting, Operation, Design, Front of House Engineer, Stage Tech, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, rigging and Installation.

Rental Services

Rental Support team covers for your chairs, canopies, tents, tables, decoration, glassware, Acrylic drinkware and much more.

Catering Services:

Catering support assists you to plan seating options, crowd flow, lighting, food and beverages, food menu, serving orders, bar services, and event ushers.

Entertainment Services

This event support covers all aspect that keeps your party or event fun and entertaining. Such services include Disc jockey, Master of Ceremony, live bands and games.

Security Management

This service is provided for safety and caution. Security support team covers crowd control, patrol, mobile police officers, bouncers and every other detail relating to security and safety.

Clean up Services

The clean-up team is usually the first to begin and the last to conclude at an event. They ensure neatness of the environment, equipment, toilets and sometimes work hand in hand with the catering team.


When you choose to handle things yourself without the help of an event support team, you might end up been overwhelmed as there will be a lot of areas to cover. This might end up making the event unorganized, unprofessional, poorly executed and a bore.


The need for professionalism during an event cannot be overemphasized especially if the event is a corporate event or an event of a large gathering. Employing the service of an event support team who are professionals in their specific areas will help to make it an event with a class.

Various Event Supports in Orlando are professionals in their areas. Contact one of them today to make your event a success!