Top 6 Music Hacks for a Lively Wedding Party

Top 6 Music Hacks for a Lively Wedding Party

Top 6 Music Hacks for a Lively Wedding Party

Every couple wants to have fun on their wedding day and music is a critical part of it. There are many difference activities that need good music at a wedding and so figuring out how your wedding day entertainment will be is a sure way to have a good wedding. We will be sharing with you, some of the top music hacks from experienced DJs on how to keep your wedding party bubbly and happy.

1. Have a band and a DJ handy

If you don’t have cost challenges, it pays to have a DJ in Orlando to handle your music for your wedding. Wedding bands are good for rousing the party during the first dance and other activities. However, DJs have the advantage of being able to bring their entire music library and be quite flexible in terms of music choices depending on the mood.

2. Other wedding vendors always know the best DJs

Good DJs in Orlando can get your wedding party rocking all night long. Ask your favorite club DJ if they would be free for the wedding. Otherwise, you can ask wedding vendors about the coolest wedding parties they have seen and then chase down the DJ that made it happen! The best DJs are those that are recommended to you by people who have seen them play before.

3. Give your DJ your playlist

It’s your party and you should dance like you want to. Give a playlist of your favorite songs to your DJ so that they can work it into their sets and give you something to smile about all night long.

4. Dance floor fuel is important

Your wedding party is rocking late into the night and everyone is tired. That’s why you should make arrangements for late-night snacks, drinks and even thoughtful items like flip-flops for those with tired feet. The food keeps everyone hydrated and energized while the flip flops keeps anyone from landing in the hospital from hurting their bare feet when the shoes go off.

5. Plan for your parents and their friends

Every DJ in Orlando knows that there will be many age classes at a wedding party. Make sure that you ask your parents for the kind of music that they like and give instructions for the DJ to make time out for the elderly folks so that they too can have a good time on the dance floor. The young ones can use that time to rest their feet and learn a few new movies from the past.

6. The Electric Slide and Cha Cha Lines

Nothing works up the crowd like a good simple line dance! You don’t even need to know how to dance to be a part of this and it is always fun!

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