Tips to have the perfect Father/Daughter Dance for Your Wedding

Tips to have the perfect Father/Daughter Dance for Your Wedding

Tips to have the perfect Father/Daughter Dance for Your Wedding

On your wedding day, there will be lots of fun and entertaining activities that will be spearheaded by you such as your first dance as newlyweds and the bouquet toss. However, one other event that truly stands out is the father/daughter dance. A lot of people look forward to this, and it is a truly special moment for you, your parents and everyone present at your wedding. This dance is your chance to show the world how much your father means to you and how much you love him. This moment captures the attention of everyone and the only way to make it unforgettable is the choice of song by your DJ in Orlando.

You can check out these tips that we have put together to help you make the moment perfect, memorable and entertaining to your guests.

1. Choose a song with meaningful lyrics

As much as something funky and upbeat would be exciting, you sure want your guests to be connected and drawn into the moment. Choosing a song that identifies with a father/daughter relationship will be perfect for this moment. Make sure the song has meaningful lyrics that the guests can resonate with and ensure it will be a heartfelt song. An example of a song that suits this purpose is Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl.

2. Practice numerous times

To have a perfect father/daughter dance on your wedding day, you will need enough practice before the event. Practicing gives you the confidence to step on the dance floor to dance with your dad. Go for dance classes before your wedding day, get the list of songs your DJ in Orlando has chosen for you and practice with those songs. You can even put together a choreography with your dad; it makes things more interesting.

3. Add some flair.

This is the one time you will have a father/daughter in the presence of so many people. So, why not add some color and flair to the whole thing? Make it colorful and flashy by using special effects such as dancing on a cloud machine which makes you float in the air with your dad. The right mix and use of lights will also make the dance brighter and more colorful.

The perfect father/daughter dance is made complete with the help of a professional DJ in Orlando. If you need a DJ in Orlando for your wedding in Orlando, you can get in touch with us at Electro Magic Production. Put a call through us today, and we will connect you with an experienced, professional and expert DJ in Orlando to make your wedding day an unforgettable day.