Tips for Picking a First Dance Song

Tips for Picking a First Dance Song

Tips for Picking a First Dance Song

Making the choice of which song you should have your first dance to is usually presumed to be an easy wedding-planning decision, but we have seen couples have so much difficulty with this simple part. Sometimes it falls on the DJ’s in Orlando to help them pick their best song together.

Here are some guidelines that have proven quite effective in helping DJ’s in Orlando to deal with indecisive couples and can help you pick your first dance song.

1. Know what kind of music you both like

It is very possible that you and your fiancé do not like the same type of music and this could make the process quite tedious. An easy way to make the decision less laborious is to decide what genres of music you both have a common liking for. You can come to this decision by listening to the radio together on a long drive or over some wine.

2. Listen for lyrics that you can both relate with

Every couple has a unique story and chances are that your love story is represented by a beautiful love song in a genre that you both like. Were you buddies before you became lovers? Were you far apart from each other for long? Whatever your situation is, there’s most likely a song that talks about it and speaking to your wedding DJ in Orlando is a fun way to find that perfect song.

3. Pick a beat that you can swing to

Going the extra mile to hire a dancing instructor may be unnecessary but you also need to be comfortable dancing to the music you’ve picked out for your first dance. If you love the song and the beat or tempo is not to your taste, you can discuss with DJs in Orlando about doing a custom remix for you. Your wedding band can also do this for you such that your perfect song is also played at a perfect beat that you and your wife-to-be can move to without feeling awkward.

4. You can be different

DJs in Orlando always reiterate during the music consultation before the wedding that you can pick literally any song you want for your first dance song as long as you’re comfortable with it and it speaks to the beauty of your relationship. Feeling like your first dance song is an unpopular choice? Don’t worry, it’s your wedding and everyone will get in line once they see the happiness within you.

Whether or not your wedding song is conventional or classic, the more you like the song, the happier you would look. You also look less forced and real during your first dance.

The first dance can be an intimate affair and with the right amount of communication with your wedding DJ in Orlando, you will have not only an unforgettable first dance but a special moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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