3 Myths about Wedding DJs Debunked

3 Myths about Wedding DJs Debunked

3 Myths about Wedding DJs Debunked

Hiring a DJ in Orlando to take care of music on your wedding day is not only important; it is very necessary. Music is a vital part of the entertainment on your wedding for you, your family members and your guests. However, in so many quarters, there are some myths that people believe about wedding DJs which are not true. Do you believe those myths too?

At Electro Magic Productions, we expect every couple to have a high level of confidence in their wedding DJ in Orlando, and this is why we have taken time to put these myths together and debunk them. Here are some of them.

1. Your DJ will request a playlist from you.

Everybody knows what preparing for a wedding is like and no one expects that the song you want to be played at your wedding would be the most important thing on your mind. You are not expected to create a wedding playlist to submit to your DJ. The reason why you have hired a DJ for your wedding is so they can play the perfect selection of songs suitable for a wedding. All you have to do is go about your business while you leave your DJ in Orlando to do their job.

2. A DJ will play only music.

Your wedding DJ in Orlando is in charge of all the entertainment on your big day, and it is not only limited to music. The DJ will also be the one to hype and encourage you, and your guests dance, have fun, and have a great time.Orlando has chosen for you and practice with those songs. You can even put together a choreography with your dad; it makes things more interesting.

3. Your DJ has nothing to do with your wedding other than supply music.

A lot of couples are not aware of how much their wedding DJ in Orlando contributes to their wedding. This is not limited to the provision of music alone; the DJ is a major source of inspiration for the couple too. If you decide to be a part of the music selection for your wedding, a DJ in Orlando will be with you every step of the way to advise you on different songs suitable for every moment at the event. Your DJ will visualize the day for you and paint an inspiring picture that will make you look forward to your wedding day.

If your wedding date is almost here and you need a DJ in Orlando, at Electro Magic Production, we can get you a professional DJ. Put a call through to us today.