5 Things That Can Happen When You Hire An Amateur DJ For Your Wedding

5 Things That Can Happen When You Hire An Amateur DJ For Your Wedding

Often, many brides and grooms are focused on cutting the budget of their wedding make a terrible mistake by hiring an amateur DJ. A wedding ceremony is rated based on how well a bride and groom can entertain their guests. Great music makes a party go on, so that makes a DJ the major highlight of entertainment at your wedding. It is unwise to save some extra cash in the expense of ruin your beautiful day by hiring an amateur DJ. You may be thinking nothing can go wrong. Well, in this article, we will be looking at five things that may likely go wrong when you hire an amateur DJ for your wedding.

1. The DJ Arrives Late

Professional DJs in Orlando will always arrive at your wedding venue before your guests, and they are fond of dishing at relaxing music at first, this makes the guest comfortable. But it is the second nature of an amateur DJ to never arrive on time to any event. When the music for your reception is delayed for some hours, some of the guests may get disgusted and leave.

2. The DJ does not show up.

Amateur DJs are very cheap to get, and they don’t take the job seriously. They may be caught up in other activities and feel reluctant to show up at the reception. Even when you try to contact them on the phone, all you will get is the voicemail. What's a wedding reception without music? To prevent such kind of embarrassment, go after the professional DJs in Orlando.

3. The guests are bored.

When you hire an amateur DJ for your wedding reception, be ready for a lifeless party because he is inexperienced and has zero knowledge on how to read the mood of the crowd and deliver the music that will entertain them. Professional DJs in Orlando are excellent in understanding the mood of the crowd and play the right songs.

4. Inferior Sound

A professional DJ is equipped with the latest mixer, tweeters, and speakers for clear sound. Even your guests will be comfortable and can hear each other when they are chatting whereas amateur DJs do not invest in excellent equipment. This can make the music at your event too loud, too low and unpleasant to the ears.

5. Equipment failure

In the course of your wedding reception, a speaker may sound faulty, and this can be worrisome. Professional DJs in Orlando are astute and never fails to bring up excellent backup equipment in case anyone malfunctions. An amateur DJ can barely afford a good turntable and has no backup equipment. In a scenario the speaker goes haywire, what will you do?

As a bride or groom it is a dream come true for your wedding reception to be exciting so don’t make the mistake of booking an amateur DJ for your wedding reception. Go for Professional DJs in Orlando at Electro Magic. We have some of the most professional DJs in Orlando that will make your wedding ceremony a joyous occasion. Call us today to book one for your next event.